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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 8, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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cal and organic products. the good news is, thanks to a single sprinkler, the restaurant can continue to live out its legacy. >> had it not been for that single sprinkler, we probably would have had significantly greater amount of damage cause from the char that's on the structure members underneath the front area of that, it look like the fire burned for a little bit of time before somebody saw it. >> reporter: firefighters first got here around 3 a.m. but they believe the fire could have been burning for a couple of hours before. thankfully, the inside is still intact. most of the damage was from the smoke. as for a cause, investigators are still not sure. >> it looks like it may have started partially underneath the building. so, you know, that's an unusual location at that time of morning. so all those things are being looked at carefully. >> reporter: as for plans to rebuild, waters says there is a possibility they may extend the dining room out to this porch area and expand the restaurant.
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as for re-opening chez panisse, waters said she hopes to open the cafe portion of the restaurant as soon as possible. in berkeley, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> early estimates show the cost of the damage is between $150,000 and $200,000. early-morning raids in oakland netted at least 12 suspects linked to some of the city's most violent crimes. the bust began early this morning around 5:00 in more than a dozen locations across the town and around the bay area. in addition to the arrests, authorities see several guns -- seized several guns. local officers collaborated with federal agents from the fbi, atf and the dea. >> we can't do it alone. so in addition to all of our federal, state and local partners that have joined us today, we have commitments from them to be here as long as necessary so that they can help us reduce violent crime in oakland. >> officers are still looking for at least 7 more suspects. well, police in san jose have shut down a massive tent city. hundreds of homeless are being
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told to leave and as kpix 5 reporter anne makovec tells us, officials are offering alternatives but not everyone is taking them. >> reporter: they were given 72 hours' warning that the city was coming in to move them out. people like scott who says he has been homeless for a year. not going into great detail, just bad decisions. and it doesn't take long. i tell you what. >> reporter: a few dozen people remained in this encampment near spring street and west heading by the deadline this morning. >> they pose a serious health risk, damage to the environment and a risk to the people living here and the residents surrounding. >> reporter: outreach coordinators having coming here for weeks trying to hook up campers with resources but for many, it hasn't stuck. >> i work all my life and i'm sick. that's where i'm at today. it's sad they would give us no resources. >> reporter: the city says there are emergency shelter beds available tonight. >> when you're there, you get bedbugs and you getted robbed.
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you're better off out here. >> i guess constraints, so to speak. >> reporter: rules. >> well, i guess, yeah. >> don't categorize them all as alcoholics and drug adetectors. they have potential. one night bed is not going to work. we need long-term help for these people. >> reporter: this is one of an estimated 60 encampments throughout santa clara county but this one gained notoriety because it's in the flight path of the nature is airport so it's been spotted from above. it grew quickly after another encampment was swept. >> resources are an issue and lack of affordable housing is a challenge so we are looking to see how we can help people immediately get housed in the short term but in the long term, find stable solutions. >> reporter: the city is going to employ a private security firm to patrol this property once it's cleaned to make sure nobody moves back in. in san jose, anne makovec, kpix 5. clean-up costs are
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estimated between $20,000 and $30,000. cardinals have decided when to begin the conclave and elect a new pope. randall pinkston is at the vatican with the latest. >> reporter: the 115 voting cardinals will gather on tuesday to begin their conclave to elect a new pope. the cardinals will meet again saturday and take sunday off to celebrate mass at churches across rome. over 5 days of meetings about 100 cardinals have spoken. some have addressed the gong days several times. interever religious dialogue and justice in the world were some of the topics discussed friday. the names of front-runners are emerging but could change. >> at least a lot of chatter about who is the favorite of the moment. but sometimes the favorite of friday is no longer the favorite on monday. >> reporter: when the conclave finally begins, the cardinals will gather here at st. peter's basilica for mass. then they head into sistine chapel, where the secret voting takes place in silent prayer.
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the cardinal who receives at least 77 votes will be the next pope. this building is where the cardinals will stay during the conclave. it has its own chapel. security teams have swept all the rooms for hidden microphones. the televisions and telephones have been turned off. and there is no internet service. some rooms are larger and nicer than others, all are assigned by lottery. >> there's no preferences. there's no special privileges. people want to be near their neighbor, friends, it doesn't enter into the discussion. lots are drawn and the rooms are assigned. so everyone is equal. >> reporter: there is also a special suite in the santa martyr where the next pope will stay while his permanent residence is set up at the vatican. in vatican city, randall pinkston, kpix 5. one major piece still has to be put in place before a new pope is chosen. vatican workers still have to install a chimney on the roof of the sistine chapel. during conclave the smoke
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reveals whether or not a new pope has been elected. we do it whether we like it or not. can turning your clock ahead for daylight saving increase your risk of heart attack? the answer straight ahead. >> and what's stronger than will power when it comes to weight loss? the study that points to a monetary motivator. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. well, looks like things settling down. we have clouds and a chance of showers. the weekend forecast is coming up.
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plunged into the river below is oh!! [ explosion ] >> there she goes. one big blast. the last section of the historic bridge in west
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virginia plunging into the river below. that is the dick henderson brick. it's now history. crews plan to have the bridge replaced by november. winter storm whipping up waves on the coast of plum island in massachusetts in a destructive frenzy. the pounding surf caused this home here to collapse after its foundations washed away. nobody was inside. what a mess. lawrence will have a look at what's left of the storm, plus what we can expect around here for the bay area in the weekend, coming up in a few minutes. two major brands of tuna have been recalled because they're not sealed properly. bumblebee is recalling bumblebee and brunswick brand tunas in 5-ounce cans chunk white and chunk light albacore, sold between january 17 and march 6. they have best buy codes from january 14 to january 18 of 2016. for all the dates and codes affected, go to
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a new study reveals one way survivors can get back to normal after a stroke. researchers say patients who start regular brisk walks can improve their fitness, mobility and quality of life. those who walk also perform better on endurance and heart rate tests compared to those who only receive therapeutic massage. and it could be good or bad. a new study shows the power of celebrity endorsements over kids. researchers found if a celebrity endorsed a food product, children ate more of it. of course, it could mean kids eat more junk food because if that's what the celebrity is endorsing, that's what they're going to want. and bribes work when it comes to losing weight. researchers are reporting success with using cash to help people drop pounds. in a study at the mayo clinic, dieters win or clues $20 a month if they meet certain goals. participants lost 9 pounds to just over 2 pounds for those who weren't given money if they lost wait. >> 20 bucks?
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is that enough incentive? >> i guess so. >> i'd want more. when you set your clock back sunday will you be setting yourself up for a heart attack? possibly. a sweetish study looked at 20 years -- swedish study look at 20 years of data that when we spring forward there is a 5% increase in heart attacks and in the fall when the clocks go back, heart attacks decrease by 5%. dr. holly phillips explains more. >> reporter: really has to do with inflammatory factors in the blood just losing that one hour of sleep releases cortisol and makes us more likely to have heart attack. >> doctors say daylight saving time can throw people off for a week but you don't have to lose the spring in your step. sleep experts suggest going to bet earlier each night before the time change. tonight and saturday and getting out into the sun first thing in the morning. >> not everyone will be moving their clocks ahead this weekend. the time change is controversial and as michelle
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miller shows us, in some places, they just don't do it. >> reporter: there is no spring forward in tropical hawaii, nor in arid arizona where the thought of scorching summer days ending at 9 p.m. got people hot and bothered. they also don't set clocks ahead in the hopi nation in northeast arizona. but they do in the navajo nation, which completely surrounds it. call it a daylight saving doughnut. >> daylight saving really originally was meant to save electricity with lighting at homes. here's the problem. in detroit on sunday, people are going to wake up and the sunrise won't occur until 8:00 and they are going to have to turn on lights. >> michael downing, the author of spring forward, says daylight saving is a boon for retailers. >> if you give americans daylight at the end of the workday, they are more amount to shop on the way -- likely to shop on the way home. >> reporter: russia was put on daylight saving time by stalin in 1928.
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>> but when october came the russians gore not to fall back. in 1985, an ap reporter stumbled on the fact that the clocks were wrong in russia. >> reporter: only time will tell when all this confusion will end. michelle miller, new york. >> the good news is, our days are longer. but we're on the air at 3:30 on monday morning. >> oh. >> i don't like springing forward. i don't like it. >> i like falling back. >> we lose an hour. >> don't you like barbecuing about 7:00 when sun is out? >> everybody out is having fun while we are trying to sleep? >> that's the hard part. around the bay area we had some rainfall overnight. things the settling downright now. we may not be quite done with the rainfall just yet. in fact, our hi-def doppler radar is checking out your skies. so far, it is dry but we could still see a few pop-up showers in the afternoon. partly cloudy skies in the bay, temperatures in the 50s. cool and breezy too. those winds likely to kick up into the afternoon. but as we set sail into the
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weekend we're looking good, partly cloudy tonight and chilly overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. dry and warmer over the weekend, some temperatures up not 70s by sunday. here's that storm system that brought you the rain swinging all the way down into southern california bringing heavy rainfall into los angeles and also san diego areas but it's leaving the bay area right now and it will drag with it all those clouds but not before leaving behind at least a chance of an isolated shower. i'll show you right here on the computer models. there's one last wave of energy that wants to rotate through and bring pop-up showers in the evening hours and it slides out. over the weekend, some nice dry weather and some much warmer weather on the way even mid-70s as we look toward this next week. how about this? temperatures in the 50s and 60s for today. keeping you on the cool side a little breezy at the coast. the next couple of days, more sunshine on the way. the temperatures up in the 70s inland. and maybe even some mid-70s by monday and tuesday. and the just for you guys, we have a nice spring forward graphic. that's right, saturday night you have to roll those clocks forward an hour whether you like it or not.
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if you don't do it, you're going to be -- >> you'll be late for work. >> no kidding. >> have a good weekend. >> thank you. well, according to lawrence, it's going to be a perfect weekend to get outside. our roberta gonzales is out with a group of people who know how to do just that. she joins us now in the kpix 5 mobile weather lab. >> reporter: i met up with mobile weather and we are are here in cupertino where currently it is 62 degrees, relative humidity at 41%, fluctuating west winds onshore and to the southwest and under 5 miles per hour. the rain has moved out of here but look who has moved in. my new best friends in the whole wide world the almaden cycle touring club. >> hi! >> reporter: if i came to cupertino on my bike, you can do better than that? >> hi! >> we have known any lee from the club. how many people are in your club? >> we have over 1200 members. and all ages.
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>> reporter: all ages and all weather. is there anything such as bad weather to you? >> no. any day is a good day. >> reporter: okay. so you guys come out for daily rides. do you have any special rides you sponsor? >> we sponsor two big rides. one is chair abella in april and then a big week tour in june. >> reporter: jeff roberts also a member of the club, good afternoon. >> thank you for coming down. >> reporter: tell me about your members. first of all -- [ signal breakup >> you have to have your priorities in life. so we're all out here to ride today. we have rides of all kinds. we have flat rides, hilly rides, fast rides, slow rides, rides for people for long distances. whatever. we have rides for you. >> reporter: i think it's important to keep in mind, this is not daunting. you can go at your own pace because you have slow or beginners, more moderate riders as well? >> yes, we do. the rides are paced by or
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listed by distance and by hills and by pace. so you can choose what you want. you can find them in our bulletins which are available in many bike clubs or go to and all our rides are listed there. >> reporter: one thing, they all have helmets. one of the younges members of the club, what's your name? >> skyler and this is my dad. >> reporter: you guys ride tandem? >> yes. >> reporter: how many miles do you ride? >> it depends. basically, if it's like 35 on the tandem. >> reporter: you one 110 miles in two days? >> yes. >> reporter: you are my hero! if you have outdoor activities planned this weekend, just visit us online for all of your weather needs at live from cupertino with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> roberta is a pro when it comes to the bicycle. >> i think we need a little motivation. we need to get outside and do a
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little exercising. >> go for a walk. >> too sleepy tonight. [ laughter ] >> hello. >> all right. stick around, tony tantillo takes us to the produce section for a look at this week's best buys coming up next.
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it's time for this week's best buys where we eat fresh stay healthy and save some money. we'll start with honeydew being
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imported and the color and flavor are wonderful. you can find these beautiful honeydew large sizes for about 2.99 each. that is a great value. of course in the summertime it's less expensive when locally grown but now that's not bad. kiwi fruit is always inexpensive. 240% of the vitamin c we need for the day. loaded with dietary fiber. a superfood. the average price on that, 33 cents each. that is a great deal. and golden pineapple. a lot of times they're not on special. they are about $5 or $6 each but i looked at many markets and checked the ads i see these beautiful golden pineapples in the market now for a good ad around $2.99. so there you go. a few examples of this week's best buys. eat fresh, stay healthy, and save some money. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. ciao. 34 and 8, oh, my god, this is the one! >> we got a winner! striking it rich, a bay area man wins a $33 million jackpot. >> and kpix 5 is there as he
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claims the prize. coming up.
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the man who won a big bay area jackpot has come forward. finally a mystery millionaire revealed. the man who won a big bay area jackpot has come forward. he bought the $33 million lottery ticket in walnut creek on wednesday. well, last night, we found out about his good news even before
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his family. >> what did your wife think? >> i don't know. she doesn't know yet. >> she doesn't know yet? >> because i have to go pick her up from her work and she doesn't know yet. she will be very surprised. >> well, she knows now. and he needs the money. he lost his job two months ago so good for them. >> i think she probably knows now. >> come on, 33 million? >> that would make for a good weekend. >> yeah. all right. that's it. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado
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>> steffy: looking at dates? >> liam: yeah. i mean, i don't want to wait too long. you're gonna be showing soon. >> steffy: oh, look at you. worried about my virtue. >> liam: [ laughs ] >> steffy: don't worry. my dad won't bring a shotgun. >> liam: i mean, he'll -- he'll come, right? >> steffy: mm. yeah, i-i'd hope so. it depends on when we do it, i guess.
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>> liam: well, if he doesn't come, honeymoon is in paris and we bring him a slice of cake. >> steffy: you know what? let's forget about my dad. you're taking me to a beach somewhere. how about that? >> liam: [ laughing ] okay. >> steffy: are you sure about this? [ door closes ] >> rick: hey. >> hope: hi. >> rick: brought you some tea. >> hope: oh, thank you. thanks. nothing, uh -- nothing stronger in there? i'm not the one who's pregnant. [ chuckles ] >> rick: i'm sorry, hope. >> hope: it's not your fault. well, it's not entirely your fault. some things just aren't meant to be.


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